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Wild Clover has partnered with organisations with a passion: a passion for their respective brands; a passion to share their knowledge and, a passion for making the time to enjoy some of life’s pleasures.

Car Clubs & Media
For the “petrol head” and aficionado, the casual enthusiast, the kid with a boyish fascination, we offer a venue where classic, vintage and performance motor cars can be shown and viewed.  The season’s sunday grands prix can be watched in the company of fellow enthusiasts.

Cycle Lab
Cycling is a healthy activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family and (fortunately) at any level of fitness or skill. For this reason, wild clover has teamed up with Cycle Lab – leaders in the industry – to promote and develop a love for leisure cycling. We have opened a 4km “pop’s n tot’s” beginner’s track to provide families with a safe, gentle route in the country with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and of the wildlife sanctuary.

We will be hosting fun, family cycling events at Wild Clover so please watch this space.

Experts from within the Cycle Lab family of retail stores will host clinics to teach and hone the skills of those that attend.

Bellville Archery Club
Bellville club has produced some of sa’s top archers. This fast-growing minority sport has caught our attention and we are opening a 6 butt range with their assistance and expertise. This will primarily serve as a venue for beginners and casual archers. However, we hope to discover young talent and, where possible, develop and expose that talent.

Villiera Wildlife Sanctuary
The Villiera Wildlife Sanctuary was opened in 2009. In conjunction with two neighbours (the Cape Garden Centre and Klawervlei estate (Wild Clover Farm)) Villiera has set aside 220ha of land as a wildlife sanctuary. This area includes 12 dams plus marsh areas that attract a huge diversity of birdlife. Indigenous trees are grown in old milk containers, plastic water bottles etc. By our staff and then bought from them when a year old and planted out. 1000′s of indigenous trees have also been donated by the cape garden centre. By may 2012 60000 trees had been planted.

A number of mammals have been introduced in the Wildlife Sanctuary: Springbuck, Red Hartebeest, Bontebok, Eland, Gemsbok, Bush Pig and Burchell’s Zebra, common Duiker and Grysbok. We also have permits for Grey Rhebuck, Giraffe, Black Wildebeest and Kudu.

The wildlife sanctuary is situated in Koelenhof and access is gained through Villiera’s vineyards. A game drive through the 220 hectares lasts approximately two hours.